Small & useful tool for updating and starting programs or databases

Simple. Useful. Reliable.

It's rather simple, but it can update the local file, by each time it has started checking if a newer exist at the network, and then copy it to local before opening it.

Simple and fast installation

No configuration is required. Just install it and Bootstrapper will do the rest.

It's FREE!

Bootstrapper is a free program. Always. And forever.

How it works

The ease of communication and natural flow of work that our customers have found in AccessMerger

Collected data

Bootstrapper maintain local apps, like an AccessDatabase and launch the application, while checking if there is a newer version avaliable on the network or online.

Merge data

It's a program that installs on a user PC, to or other place. We all offer it to customers who get projects made by us in access/excel and others.

Work for you

It's for simple applications, for instance ZynRg have its own maintenance and update tools.

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