Just copy bootstrapper to a local folder, then setup a few things in the settings file

The path to the source location to check for new databases
The name of the file, and the local folder it should be copied to, that's it !

If you want you can rename the file in the process, using local/remote name option.

Please note we recommend to split the Access project in two files, one for front end, the "app" and one as back-end the data, the real database, and then link the app to the back-end database. 
This way the users will be able to work in each their own app, without conflicts and at better performance, also less risk of database corruption.

  • Front-End "App" or FE.
  • Backend, DB, or BE

Nothing, Nada, Nill, it's gratis !!

You're welcome !

We currently support checking for the file on a fixed network location with direct access, it can be drive\path or \\networklocation\folder\

And we also support checking for it via a webservice, at AccessProject.Host
That project will also have a free edition. it will launch Q3/Q4- 2019

For now it works for pre-registered accounts

AccessProject.Host will have lots of other features like, Team Development.

Just install the project as default, or copy the files to a folder in your documents, or where you prefer.

Then list the project name and a few other things in the config file, it's simple.

When your ready make a link to the bootstrapper file on your desktop for when you wish to start your program.

Download the manual here.